Pests are unwanted guests that invade our house unknowingly. They are not only annoying but also spread various diseases and infections.  We all go through the problem of pest infestation now and then. It is impossible to completely remove pests from our property but we can actually eliminate the factors that attract pests in our premises. Your home can become a permanent residence to pests if you don’t address the factors that appeal them to invade your property. Here, in this article, we will delve into various things that attract pests and what preventive measures you can take to remove them.


1. Food Sources 

One of the main reasons that pests enter your home is in search of food. Whether it is crumbs on the kitchen counter or open food containers, rats, cockroaches, and ants are attracted to easily available substances.  Keeping foods in loosely sealed containers or bags will give easy access to pests.  It is important to keep the kitchen counters clean from crumbs and spills so that pests do not get readily available food. Do not keep pet food in open containers as this may attract ants and rodents. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink can also attract cockroaches and other pests. 

2. Moisture

Pests need water to survive. If you have standing water or moisture issues in your house then it is a haven for them. Water can build up in clogged drains and can attract drain flies. Leaky taps and faucets can create damp environments attracting cockroaches and silverfish. Also, if you have poor ventilation, especially in the bathrooms and basements then it can lead to humidity.  Pests like centipedes and woodlice are attracted to humid places.

3. Clutter

Clutter is a breeding ground for all types of bugs and rodents. They can hide out while staying warm and dry.  Clutter can obstruct regular cleaning allowing pests to thrive in hidden areas. Make sure to remove piles of newspapers cardboard boxes and other clutter that can provide pests with materials to build nests. Organize your belongings room by room. If you don’t need or use anything, dispose of, donate, or sell them. This will help you get rid of pests in your house.


4. Trash

Make sure to trash your garbage in a dustbin with covered lids. Open and unsecured garbage bins can attract rats, cockroaches, ants, and other insects. Leaving food sources in bins without covering them will lure pests. They will create a mess possibly spreading bacteria and diseases. Dispose of the garbage on a daily basis. 


5. Improper Maintenance

Ignoring repairs and maintenance of the house can create entry points for pests and make your home attractive to them. Damaged window screens and holes in doors will allow mosquitoes ants and flies to get inside your home. Cracks, crevices, gaps, and holes in walls, ceilings, and foundations can provide entrance to pests like rodents and insects. Decayed or rotting wood due to moisture can attract termites and carpenter ants. Also, if there is broken ventilation, pests like flies, cockroaches, and rats get easy access to your home. It is crucial to address the maintenance issues promptly to prevent pests attracted by neglected repairs. 


6. Overgrown Lawn and Garden

Wild grass, overgrown plants, and shrubs are prime breeding grounds for numerous pests. An uncared lawn can attract mice, ants, lady beetles, crickets, spiders, and many more infestations. Remove fallen leaves and debris regularly. This will prevent ants and flies in the garden. Cut your grass once a week. Remove weeds as soon as they arrive.  Do not plant any shrubs or bushes near your home as they can use them as a bridge to enter your home.


7. Left Out Food

Left-out food is exposed to air and attracts pests like flies, mosquitoes, rats, and cockroaches. These pests carry food-borne diseases like salmonella, e-coli, and other illnesses. Once the food crumbs draw them in, they will head toward your kitchen contaminating your fresh food.


8. Pet Habits

Leaving pet waste, in the yard can attract flies and other insects. It is important to clean up after your pet. Also, these pets can unknowingly bring fleas and ticks inside the house that can infect your living space. Keep food bowls inside if possible and if not possible, empty them in the garbage at the end of the day. Practice good pet hygiene, take preventive measures for ticks and fleas, and clean up after your pets.


9. Houseplants

One of the common causes of pest invasions is houseplants. While houseplants are a beautiful addition to any room, they can also be a breeding ground for pests. Insects love to hide their eggs on plants. You should always check the plant’s stalk, body, leaves, and flowers before bringing them inside. Plants from your lawn or garden should also be checked properly as they are more exposed to many elements.

10. Soft Light Bulbs

Insects are attracted to light. If you spend some time standing near the light on your lawn, you will see insects are drawn to light. White lights attract more insects than warm lights. This is because insects can see only three lights, blue, green, and ultraviolet. Soft light shines more in the ultraviolet spectrum. To attract a few insects, use warm-toned lights in and around the entrances to your home.


Wrapping Up

Understanding what attracts pests is the first step in preventing and controlling them. Simple daily tasks like taking out the trash regularly, cleaning the kitchen, decluttering the house, and removing messes are enough to prevent pests in the first place. Remember that, if you still face a pest problem or have a severe infestation, it is recommended to hire a professional pest control in Ludhiana that will effectively eliminate pests out of your property.

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