Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is getting more and more attention, with people becoming more concerned about their health. This active cannabis ingredient is used in many different forms for its possible health benefits.

Recently, manufacturers have formulated CBD drinks, and these beverages have gained ample popularity in the short span. In 2022, the global CBD drink market accounted for $5527.13 million.

CBD has been used for decades as a natural and safe supplement, but new and exciting ways to take CBD are recently being introduced to the world. Having a drink that helps you unwind and relax at the end of a hectic day sounds like a good deal to many. But can these CBD products help you with your health?

So, let’s learn five key reasons to try CBD drinks for a healthier and livelier life.

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural ingredient derived from cannabis plants that contains hundreds of other compounds. It’s a safe, non-psychoactive compound that has the potential to work medicinally on the human body.

Many researchers have been studying CBD extensively over the past few years for its effects on physical diseases, neurological disorders, and chronic pain. Moreover, it’s been researched to be effective in treating sleep disorders and mental health problems.

You can find CBD in many forms, including oils, tinctures, supplement capsules, sprays, CBD infused coffee, vape juice, and gummies. In addition, you can now add CBD drinks to your diet for purported health benefits.

How is CBD Drink Made?

CBD drink is formulated by infusing water with CBD particles. But the manufacturing process is not that simple. Now that CBD is hydrophobic, it separates from water and floats on the top. To overcome this problem, CBD goes through a process known as emulsification. During this process, hydrophobic cannabinoid extracts are transformed into water-soluble concentrates.

The emulsifier molecule is known to have one hydrophobic end and another hydrophilic end. Both hydrophobic and hydrophilic get mixed with the cannabinoid and shrink the oil into tiny, water-soluble drops. After this, emulsified cannabinoids can be diluted in an acid solution or sugar to be added to the beverage. It means you don’t need to worry about drinking oil when buying CBD drinks. These drinks will be like other beverages available in the market in terms of texture and consistency.

What is in the CBD Drinks?

Now that you know how CBD drinks are formulated, it’s time to learn about other vital features. However, it does not apply to all CBD drinks; some are milkshakes containing all healthy ingredients. Others are fizzy, sparkling CBD drinks containing sparkling water, acidity regulators, juice from concentrate, citric acid, and other commonly used ingredients in common beverages.

The CBD can be fused with any drink, regardless of the ingredients used to formulate the drink. It’s just that CBD needs to go through an emulsification process, and manufacturers must use a bitter-taste blocker to dilute CBD’s sourness.

5 Reasons CBD Drinks Are the Best

  • They are natural and healthy

There are many different CBD drinks in the market, and all of them are a step up health-wise compared to other beverages. Many popular fizzy drinks don’t provide nutritional benefits and are high in calories and caffeine. In addition, such drinks contain ingredients that make you feel bloated and hungry or give you a sugar spike.

CBD drinks, on the other hand, offer multiple health advantages compared to fizzy drinks. They contain CBD, which is researched to be good for the human body. You can drink them in the morning, before bed, before or after a workout, whenever you want to relax your mind and heal your body.

  • They are available in a wide variety

CBD drinks are available in many different forms. You can have them in the form of tea, coffee, seltzers, sodas, or many other options. These drinks come in a wide variety, allowing you to incorporate CBD easily into your regular drinking schedule.

For instance, you can wake up to CBD-infused coffee rather than having your usual coffee. Moreover, instead of having regular afternoon tea, you can switch to CBD-infused tea. Making these swaps allows you to reap CBD’s benefits without drastically changing your routine habits.

  • They don’t taste like CBD, but they taste good

Many people don’t prefer CBD drinks to taste like CBD, and many CBD drinks have achieved this. When drinking these beverages, you will barely notice that you are having CBD. You will not experience the bitter taste of CBD or terpenes you might have experienced when consuming other CBD products.

Many manufacturers even add a bitter-taste blocker to the CBD drinks, so you can’t sense CBD in these drinks. Instead, you will enjoy the sweet or fruity sensations and aromas when having CBD drinks.

  • These drinks come in varying CBD quantities

Like CBD supplement capsules and gummies cbd, you can find CBD drinks in a wide range of strengths, from 5mg to 70 mg per drink. It means you can buy a CBD drink with a suitable CBD dosage. Moreover, you can microdose with CBD drinks. Sipping these drinks at your own pace will allow you to control how much CBD you consume.

  • They are great to replace alcohol

CBD drinks are an excellent alternative to cocktails if you want to overcome your alcohol-drinking habit. You can find many floral and sweet-tasting CBD drinks as a healthy alternative to alcohol. CBD’s relaxing and healing properties will help you unwind and destress after a long, hectic day. You don’t have to depend on alcohol to unwind yourself.

Bottom Line!

CBD-infused drinks have come across as a convenient way to consume CBD. You can easily switch your regular coffee with the CBD infused coffee to reap the benefits of both coffee and CBD. However, remember that the CBD industry is not regulated, and you can end up buying poor-quality CBD products. Instead, you should consult your doctor to make an informed decision about using CBD. Moreover, always look at the product’s ingredient list to buy high-quality, organic CBD drinks.

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