Winter Home Insulation

Many Europe households are forced to pay a lot of money for gas and electricity as the temperatures drop. You can significantly reduce this expense if you choose the right Home Insulation solutions to protect your home during the winter.

When the temperatures drop, it’s only logical to turn the heat on to ensure a comfortable and safe stay at home.

Electricity and gas bills are a major problem for many families who are struggling to survive. It is possible to save a lot of money on your energy bill by being more efficient and also respecting the environment.


What areas of your house require insulation?

Some parts of a home lose more heat than other parts, and these areas act as conduits for the low temperatures that pass through a property.

What are the parts of your home that allow heat to escape?

  • Cover or roof
  • Glass and Windows
  • Facade
  • Floor and entry door

The percentage of energy lost also depends on your home’s characteristics, as each house is different. If you have a loft, for example, you’ll need to ensure that you have a good amount of insulation, and you should pay special attention to the roof.

For bass, you will want to focus on the front door or facade, as the amount of exposure the house has to the exterior depends on its condition and the energy loss.


Insulating your home with simple changes

There are many ways to insulate and reform your home to keep it warm during the coldest months of the year, without having to use excessive heating.

We will show you how to get the insulation you need for your home. It is beneficial for both our economy and the environment, as it helps us consume energy more efficiently and responsibly.


Insulation of Windows and Glass

You can change single-glazed window frames to double-glazed ones, and replace the PVC or thermal break with a frame made of PVC.

If you are unable to replace the windows in your home, an alternative is to install weather stripping. This is a waterproof adhesive tape that acts as insulation.


Insulation for the Facade

When it comes to the insulation of a facade, one of the best solutions is to fill the chamber of the wall that faces the exterior with an insulating substance.

Experts say that this insulation can help you save up to 40% when it comes to air conditioning or heating during hot weather.

The cost of the renovation is therefore very worthwhile in the long run because the amount saved on your electricity or gas bill will amortize the cost.


Roof insulation

There are different solutions for insulating the roof against cold depending on the type.

Extruded and expanded polystyrene are the ideal materials to use for flat roofs. They are highly resistant to load, so they can be used in areas where there is a lot of snow.

If you have a sloped roof and are not planning to use the space, and want to improve insulation and energy efficiency then a bulk-projected insulation system made of glass or mineral wool, or rock wool will be the best option.


Prepare your home for the winter

Seal any cracks and gaps that allow cold air to enter your home. It is not uncommon for holes and cracks to appear in walls or floors over time. This is like having a permanent open sale in the winter.

Remember that damage to your house can result in a loss between 10 and 20 percent of heat. This is why you should renovate and prepare your home for winter.

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