Johannesburg, South Africa, is a hub for art, culture and food. With its art galleries, food trails, museums, and dynamic cafes, Johannesburg is evolving as a diverse city that caters to every need of a visitor. Visitors can even find a big range of accommodations options, from budget stays to backpack hostels to deluxe hotels. The city’s developing lifestyle is quickly boosting its essence.

The bus journey from Cape Town to Johannesburg takes only 18th hours twenty-five minutes. There are many bus tickets in South Africa booking firms that offer this route, including Greyhound, Intercape, and Eldo Coaches.

Here are some of the destinations and attractions that you can visit in best South Africa tour packages:

Things to do in Johannesburg

Holy Hill

Holy Hill is a hidden gem in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a little hill placed in the heart of the city, and it provides amazing views of the surrounding area. The hill is also home to a number of religious shrines, making it a famous place for tourists and pilgrims alike.

The hill is simply accessible by public transportation or car, and it is a best place to visit for a half-day tour or a fun stroll. There are a number of walking trails that lead up to the hill top, and there are also a few benches where you can sit and enjoy the views.

Maboneng Precinct

Maboneng Precinct is a creative and vibrant hub in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa. The name “Maboneng” means place of light in the domestic Sotho language, and it is a fitting name for this energetic neighborhood.

Maboneng is home to a mix of restaurants, art galleries, cultural institutions and shops. There are also a number of creative studios and workspaces in the precinct, making it a famous place for artists and entrepreneurs.

Lion Park

Lion Park is a 1,000 hectare wildlife reserve placed just outside of Johannesburg. The park is home to a big range of African animals, including leopards, lions, giraffes, wild dogs, zebras and many more.

The park provides a big range of activities for visitors, including self-drives, guided game drives, picnics, and animal interactions. Visitors can learn about the animals at the parks educational center.

The park is a famous visitor place, and it is a best place to view African animals up close. It is also a best place to learn about the significance of conservation.

Hector Pieterson Museum

The Hector Pieterson Museum is a museum in Soweto, Johannesburg, dedicated to Hector Pieterson memory, a twelve year old boy who was shot and killed during the Soweto Uprising 1976. The museum tells the uprising story, which was watershed moment in the fight against apartheid in South Africa.


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