Taxi service is a Transportation Option that often provides basic mobility for people who do not own or operate private vehicles. It also can provide a backup to other TDM programs, such as bike-sharing.

It is important to regulate taxi and TNC service at a local level, rather than a state or county level. This will ensure that fares are fair and consistent.


Located on the east coast of Scotland within Fife, taxi services St Andrews is easy to reach by public transport and road. Local buses connect the town to surrounding communities and the nearby airports, while the closest train station is in Leuchars, six miles away. The train ride from Edinburgh takes about an hour. Visitors can also buy a PlusBus ticket, which allows unlimited bus travel in the local area around their chosen station, or get discounted train tickets with a railcard.

Taxi transport can play an important role in a diverse transportation system, but it must be sustainable and environmentally responsible. This can be achieved through coordinated work, constructive partnerships and forward-thinking regulatory measures. These include the use of electric automobiles, the development of choices for public transport, and the promotion of carpooling and other forms of alternative transit. These measures can reduce the negative impacts of taxi transportation on the environment and improve access to basic mobility services for people who do not own or drive their own cars.

In addition to the aforementioned measures, taxi improvements can be made through better data collection and sharing, minimizing unnecessary taxi service regulations, and involving stakeholders in setting taxi policies. These stakeholders can include regulators (often local or regional governments), taxi companies, and organizations that contract for taxi service. They can also include users, who may benefit from taxi improvements such as guaranteed rides home, Commute Trip Reduction, and Tourist Transportation Management.

A reputable taxi company should be able to meet the needs of a diverse client base, including people with disabilities, senior citizens, and students. They should offer a range of vehicles that accommodate different needs, and have a strong focus on customer satisfaction. They should also provide a safe, comfortable experience that includes door-to-door service and meet-and-greet facilities.

The St Andrews Shuttle team is always responsive and on time, with friendly and knowledgable drivers. I highly recommend their services!


I’ve used this service a few times now and have been impressed with the professionalism of their drivers and the quality of the cars. They’re also very knowledgeable about the area and happy to share their tips with you. I’ll definitely be using this service again in the future.

The St Andrews Shuttle team is always responsive, on time, and cost effective with friendly and knowledgable drivers. I’m so glad I learned about them!

Taxi transport is an important part of a diverse transportation system. It can serve many purposes, including basic mobility in emergencies or to supplement non-motorized forms of transport, such as a Guaranteed Ride Home for a transit commuter. It can also provide access to jobs and services for people without vehicles or who can’t afford taxis. Taxi improvement efforts focus on increasing the availability of taxis, improving taxi vehicles (comfort, carrying capacity, reliability, and safety), improving support services, and improving driver skill and courtesy.

Taxi in St Andrews are warning visitors to watch out for rogue drivers who are charging over the odds for journeys. James Glen, of St Andrews Taxis, says he has heard of one person being charged PS150 to travel from St Andrews to Leuchars railway station during last year’s Open golf championship, which should have been a PS15 fare. He alleges that unscrupulous drivers are also pretending to be from pre-booked companies in order to steal clients.


Taxi transport is an important transportation option, providing Basic Mobility in emergency situations, general transportation for non-drivers and mobility for Tourists and visitors. The quality of taxi transport can be improved by increasing the number of vehicles available, improving support services (such as radio booking), driver skill and courtesy, and vehicle comfort, capacity and reliability. It is also an important backup option for other transportation modes and can contribute to the development of a sustainable transportation system.

St Andrews is a historic town on the east coast of Fife, Scotland, best known as the spiritual home of golf and boasting many beautiful courses. The Old Course, in particular, is regarded as one of the most challenging and beautiful in the world. Its ancient University attracts students from around the globe and its medieval streets are full of exquisite classic buildings and charming cafes and restaurants. The Visit Scotland iCentre at 70 Market Street is the place to get inspired about all that there is to see and do in the area.

During The Open last year, there were claims that rogue taxi drivers in the town were ripping off tourists. James Glen from St Andrews Taxis says his customers were charged well over the odds for some journeys. He adds that some unscrupulous drivers turned up at venues pretending to be from a pre-booked company, in order to steal clients. One such driver is accused of charging PS150 for a trip from St Andrews to Leuchars railway station, which should be a PS15 fare.


A taxi is an excellent choice for a trip to the airport or to a night out, as it’s convenient and safe. It’s also a great way to avoid the hassle of driving in a busy city. In addition, taxis are an important back-up option for TDM, such as giving a ride home to someone with a flat tire or providing a guaranteed ride to people who use bike share. In rural communities, informal taxi services often develop, with some motorists offering a ride to neighbors for a fee. Taxi improvement initiatives include increasing the number of vehicles, improving taxi vehicle comfort and capacity, improving support services, and enhancing driver skill and courtesy.

The beautiful town of St Andrews is located about 77 km from Edinburgh International Airport (EDI). The historic university and medieval streets are full of exquisite classic buildings and many great things to see and do, from Scotland’s Secret Bunker to St Andrews Cathedral. Getting to St Andrews is easy with either a taxi, a shared shuttle bus or a combined bus and train trip. If you choose to travel by bus, consider purchasing a PlusBus ticket, which is available at any manned ScotRail station. You can also buy a railcard to enjoy additional discounts on train and bus travel.

Visitors to the area are being warned about rogue taxi drivers who are ripping off tourists. James Glen, of St Andrews Taxis, says one person was charged PS150 for a trip to Leuchars railway station during last year’s Open golf tournament – twice the usual fare. He believes unscrupulous drivers are using the names of established taxi firms to lure customers.

The train station at Leuchars is six miles away from St Andrews and is well connected to local buses. It is also within cycling distance, with an off-road cycle path that runs all the way from the Old Course Hotel to the station. For more information about train services in Fife, visit National Rail Enquiries.

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