Travelling is an amazing experience, it will help you to learn and explore new things and places. But while travelling you must be dealing with dirt and stained clothes and you must find it really difficult to get them washed, dried and cleaned. Laundry while travelling will become easier if you travel with a DIY travel essential laundry kit or you must have knowledge about any online best laundry in Rotterdam

Especially if you are on vacation with your family.  In this blog, we will be going to discuss the DIY laundry essentials that you must take with you whether you are travelling to a new country or even a city. This blog will be beneficial for all the travel lovers out there.


Why do you need to travel with a DIY laundry essential kit? 

By making a DIY laundry essential kit you will be able to clean your clothes on the go. Also, the DIY travel kit includes travel-size laundry products that don’t take up so much space in your luggage. Moreover, it will save a lot of your time and money, so you don’t buy new full-size laundry products from the place you are travelling.  


Choose a plastic storage bag: 

For storing the laundry essentials take a plastic organizing bag in which you can carry all your DIY travel laundry essentials. Such plastic bags are recommended for travelling purpose because it prevents any leakage and keeps your belongings safe in the luggage. 


Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent: 

You might pack some of your favourite tops, chiffon dresses, button-down shirts, and other items for your trip. All of these garments require careful handling and high-quality laundry detergents when washing. Bring some mild, environmentally friendly liquid or powder detergent with you. 

Choose your preferred detergent and put it in a tiny travel-size container. To prevent any leakage, close the lid and wrap it around a plastic bag. This will keep your clothes save from any mishaps.

Portable Washing Methods You Can Follow 

  • Sink Method Washing: The sink method is the most easy method to wash your clothes. Fill the sink with lukewarm water, add your favourite detergent and a bit of fabric softener and soak your clothes in it for about 5 to 10 minutes. After a few minutes gently scrub the clothes with your hands rinse them thoroughly with water and hang them to dry.
  • The Scrubba Wash Bag: The scrubba wash bag is the latest method you can use to wash your clothes while travelling. All you have to do is to just put your clothes in the scrubba wash bag, add water, and detergent and seal the bag. Rub it nicely against the washboard for a deep clean. Rinse them off with clean water and hang them to air dry.


Clothesline and Clips

Clotheslines and clips are indispensable for drying your freshly washed clothing items. It is quite compact in size, therefore doesn’t take up a lot of your room space and make sure that your clothes are nicely air dried without any hassles.


Stain Removers: 

While you are travelling especially with your toddlers you might face a lot of stain-related issues. Whether it’s chocolate stain, grease stain or any other stain. You need to act immediately before the stain dries out. To remove the stain effectively take a good stain remover with you. It is recommended to use a gel-based or spray-like stain remover while you are travelling to avoid any sort of leakage mishap.


Quick-Dry Clothing

When you are packing for the trip, try to pack clothes that are easy to dry, don’t have thick fabric and make sure they are made up of light airy fabric. Such fabric requires less time and once they are washed it will be dried in a few hours only.


Travel Friendly: 

Opt for fabrics that are wrinkle-free or don’t get wrinkles too quickly. If you go for such fabric so you don’t need to spend hours doing ironing.


Storage Bags:

To avoid cross-contamination, store soiled and clean garments in separate storage bags.



Q1: Can I use any laundry detergent for my travel kit?

Yes, you can, but it’s advisable to choose a travel-sized, eco-friendly detergent to reduce your environmental impact.


Q2: How often should I do laundry while travelling?

It depends on your trip’s duration and activities. Generally, doing laundry every few days or when needed is sufficient.


Q3: What’s the benefit of quick-dry clothing?

Quick-dry clothing dries much faster than regular fabric, making it ideal for travellers who need clothes to dry quickly.


Q4: Are travel irons and steamers bulky?

No, there are many compact and lightweight options available specifically designed for travellers.


Q5: Is a DIY Travel Laundry Kit suitable for all types of travel?

Yes, whether you’re backpacking, on a business trip, or vacationing, a DIY Travel Laundry Kit can be a valuable addition to your luggage.

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