Turkish translation services

Turkish translation services

Turkey is a popular tourist destination in the world, due to the presence of historic sites in different cities. The climate, views, and attractive sea coasts make Turkey one of the best and safest destinations for holidays. 

Turkey provides good hoteling services at low prices to tourists. However, Turkey is a historical country. The largest city in Turkey is Istanbul. Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower, and Grand Bazar are the points of attraction in this city. Therefore, tourists from all around the world love to spend their vacations in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, because it’s a very popular city for shopping. 

However, the Turkish language is official in Turkey. But, a wide range of people speak the English language in Istanbul. 

Historic Context of Turkish Language 

The Turkish language undergoes various changes due to its geographical location. The Turkish language is a melting pot of cultures. It has linguistic similarities with Arabic, Persian, Greek,  and many other languages. Primarily, it affects grammar and vocabulary. 

Despite the language’s complexity, tourists from different parts of the world tried to learn some significant phrases to travel to Turkey. The language barriers may affect your trip. But, Turkish translation services play their role in providing an efficient translation for tourists in their native languages. These services make the tourist feel secure in a foreign country. 

Rules and Etiquettes 

Travelers should respect the customs and manners of the country and their cultures. However, following a few simple rules makes the trip to Turkey more engaging and memorable. 

Greetings Etiquette in Turkey

Greetings in Turkey have great importance. People greet each other with a warm and friendly handshake. They politely met with people using different phrases. However, don’t forget to take a gift while going to meet someone. As it’s good manners.

Dining Etiquette

Food and meals are a relaxing time for Turks. Therefore, they enjoy it very much. While dining there are some important manners that one should follow such as: Eating everything on your plate, never using your left hand for eating, etc. 

Business Meeting Etiquette

In Turkey, appointments are made in advance. You are not allowed to schedule the meetings during holidays. Moreover, Turks follow schedules strictly, so one should be punctual. 

Dressing Etiquette

Following the dress codes for business purposes is compulsory in Turkey. Wearing a suit with a tie for meetings is mandatory. Try to wear full sleeves and cover your head while going to religious places, such as mosques. However, Turkish people like to dress up according to the occasion. But, you can wear a dress in which you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Etiquettes while using Public Transport

Turkey has a good transport infrastructure. Buses, boats, trains, and rental cars are available to transport in different parts of the country. Seats are usually for old age people and women on buses and trains. 

Be aware of scams on Turkey roads. Travelers should consider any translating company for a proper understanding of transport. Turkish translation services provide detailed translation of transport services in Turkey for tourists. 

Rule of Removing Shoes

Turks don’t like dust and spots in their home. Therefore, everyone needs to remove their shoes before entering the house. However, you may wear slippers inside the home. 


Turkish people value time. Therefore, they are very disciplined and punctual. So try to be on time. Additionally, it gives a good impression for business purposes.


Smoking is prohibited in Turkey. Especially in public places and indoor workplaces. But specific smoking areas for smokers are available.   

Respecting Religious Beliefs

Respects the religious beliefs of others. For example, during Ramadan avoid eating and drinking in public places. Moreover, Avoid wearing skinny clothes in mosques and other religious places. 


No doubt Turkey has beautiful streets and landmarks to take photos. But, avoid taking pictures of others without their permission.  

Driving Rules 

Consider driving on the right side of the roads in Turkey. Moreover, you must limit your speed. Because there are speed cameras on every road. You may be allowed to drive in Turkey with a valid driving license. 

Learning Essential Phrases for the Turkey Tour 

Turkey is the dream destination for tourists. The countries like Russia, Iran, Germany, and the United Kingdom are tourist generators for Turkey. Now, Iran has become an income generator for the Turkish tourism industry. Turkey provides inexpensive visiting packages to Iranian tourists. Due to the huge number of tourists from Iran, Persian translation services now provide Iranians the advantage of translating the Turkish language into their native language. Therefore, facilitate them in providing information about transport in their language. So the tourist from Iran can enjoy the trip to Turkey. 


However, remembering these rules seems difficult, but Turkish people are hospitable and try to make the tourist as comfortable as home. They don’t try to teach you their cultural nuances. Overall, the tour to Turkey is a charming and memorable experience. However, Turkish translation services are available making trips to Turkey easy for people who are not familiar with the Turkish language at all. Moreover, they assist them with proper traveling plans in Turkey.

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